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Banks withTreasury Departments
SharpFX enables banks using the platform give quotes to clients with real-time communication and efficient processing of client transaction requests.
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Money Remittance and Forex Bureaus
SharpFX allows Money Remittance and Forex Bureau entities seamlessly get quotes from banks while processing client transacting requests.
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Clients Converting Currencies
SharpFX allows you to gain access to a diverse pool of Forex Bureaus and Banks ensuring you get the best exchange rate without making a call or visiting a branch.
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About SharpFX

SharpFX is a web application that brings together Banks, Forex Bureaus and clients transacting in foreign currencies to engage and interact under the same platform.

With SharpFX clients are able to request for quotes from both banks and Forex Bureaus with ability to sent a transaction request from the platform.

Banks and Forex bureaus are able to communicate with clients in real-time with ability to share supporting documentation to facilitate transacting.

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Key Features

Price Discovery Feature

You will be able to view best prices broadcasted by the banks in our panel and can request to transact with the displayed prices.

Mark To Market Feature

Available for all users and helps to determine the conversion fees charged by your bank by comparing your bank's rate to market rates.

Choose your perfect plan

Select your premium plan and receive substantial discounts for quarterly and annual subscriptions.

Annual Subscription

$ 20
Per Month
  • Currency Clients
  • Forex Bureaus
  • Commercial Banks
  • Save 50%

Quarterly Subscription

$ 30
Per Month
  • Currency Clients
  • Forex Bureaus
  • Commercial Banks
  • Save 25%

Monthly Subscription

$ 40
Per Month
  • Currency Clients
  • Forex Bureaus
  • Commercial Banks
  • Get an Edge

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